Get a sneak peak at Energie Fitness Bridgend

Date Added: April 30, 2018

Get a sneak peak at Energie Fitness Bridgend

We have some exciting news in Bridgend with the brand new Energie Fitness gym opening its doors very soon. They are currently organising VIP group tours for selected companies/services in Bridgend to visit the gym before they open and have a sneak peak.

They are also offering an early bird sign up membership rate of £16.99 a a month which is discounted from £21.99 a month and £20.00 joining fee, if you really want to join we urge you to join up soon!

Located in the Bridgend Shopping Centre just a short walk from Asda, Aldi and the Town Centre energie fitness will without doubt be one of the if not the best value gym in Bridgend. With state of the art fitness equipment, innovative training zones, 40+ classes a week and a unique personal service.

For more information about the VIP sneak peak tours, or to join up please contact them via email or call 07398113583.