Uplifting and positive movements have been taking place behind the scenes.

Councillor Charles Smith, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, has informed the BID Steering Group of three significant dates. He wrote:
…we now have three significant dates…
(1) Tuesday 10 May, 2.30 pm, monthly formal Cabinet meeting (open to the public). A report is expected from officers to cabinet, inviting BCBC cabinet members to formally back the BID project.
(2) Thursday 19 May, quarterly meeting of BCBC town members and representatives of Bridgend Town Council. Cabinet members have decided that this is the appropriate forum to start placing the relaxing pedestrianisation consultancy report on town centre access into the public domain.
(3) Tuesday 7 June, 2.30 pm, monthly formal Cabinet meeting (open to the public). A report expected from officers to cabinet, outlining the options in the consultancy report, and proposing that we move to the next stage, i.e. public consultation.

Formal backing of the BID project from the council, (see point 1 above), should facilitate further improved communications with the council.

Ongoing BID Steering Group communications with BCBC successfully resulted in the relaxing pedestrinisation consultation process being initiated in August 2015. As you will have noticed in points 2 and 3 above, less than a year later, the process is now close to reaching the public consultation phase, during which businesses/traders and the public can make ones views known; this will be the best platform for businesses/traders to effectively and positively channel a case for the relaxing of pedestrianisation.

Following on from the last Steering Group meeting, positive movements have been developing with regards to a Free to access Public WiFi for Bridgend. With BCBC’s support, this will be at potentially zero cost to both a possible future BID, (existence of a future Bridgend BID is dependent on gaining a YES vote at ballot on June 30th 2016) and BCBC.
Some of the reasons why the BID Steering Group are working to achieve this include:

– enhanced town centre experience for visitors
– attracting visitors and increasing our town centre footfall
– encouraging visitors to stay in town longer and therefore spend more
– promoting town centre offers
– collecting useful marketing data to help us tailor and improve our town centre’s retail offers and services
– understanding visitor movement patterns through Bridgend to help us develop and improve our overall town usage
– attracting new businesses/traders into Bridgend
– to ensure we are technology and future ready
– generate BID income through business sponsorship
– it will provide Bridgend with an attractive selling point over neighbouring towns
– it will make Bridgend future ready

These are just a few of the ways in which the Bridgend BID Steering Group has been already working, to help lift Bridgend out of it’s same old declining economic spiral, by continuing to work for a better, happier, more successful, Bridgend town centre. To give a Bridgend BID the chance of working for you, vote YES on ballot day, June 30th 2016.

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